For the Birds -- Black-seeded Sorghum, Limelight Millet, and California Native Sunflower


In a congenial location, all three of these excellent and attractive birdfood plants will naturalize, coming back on their own year after year to provide late summer seeds for wild birds or your domestic flock. The sunflowers are the biggest and toughest of the three, growing well along roadsides or at garden margins where soil may be poor and water scarce. Sorghum likes what corn likes; it needs regular water to produce the biggest seed heads. Millet is shorter and more delicate, so keep it out from under the shade of the other two, in good garden soil. If aggressive nearby plants are kept in check, it will reseed too. Both the millet and sorghum are good human food too.

One triple-sized packet of California Native Sunflower seed
One triple-sized packet of Black-Seeded Sorghum
One triple-sized packet of Limelight Millet

Packets bought individually would cost $31.50.
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