Organic Calendula 'Resina'


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The ‘Resina’ variety contains the highest amounts of the resins that make Calendula such a useful addition to any kitchen garden medicine chest. A great plant to have “just in case”, and in the meantime fresh petals as a garnish make any dish more festive. Sow it once and it reseeds forever, bringing its beneficial charm to the garden year after year in a cheering, helpful way that never becomes invasive. This is a mixed population of orange- and yellow-flowered plants.

Culture: Prefers full sun, does fine with low to average water.

Saving Seed: Let the seeds dry on the plants.

Approx. 30 seeds per packet
Grown in Potter Valley, Mendocino County, California
Certified Organic by CCOF
Open-pollinated, non-GMO

I'm looking forward to planting these seeds and having beautiful flowers in my garden.

Dry viable seeds. Sprouted in one day.

First, i want to start buy the sellers customer service. 10/10 i had a question about my order and the seller replied promptly! Second, i want to talk about the packaging, it was so cute! I loved it. Third, i want to talk about the quality of the seeds. They were exactly what i was expecting and to top it off i planted them on 5/2/23 and 5/12 that i can see so far have already starting germinating. I’ll definitely be purchasing more seeds from this seller! I got these calendula seeds to make salves and teas so I’ll come back with an update on the quality of the seeds when they grow more!

Satisfied with product. Thank you

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