Kakai Hull-less Seeded Pumpkin

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Kakai is grown for its yummy hull-less seeds, not its flesh (which is enjoyed by pigs and chickens but not so much by humans). Semi-bush plants produce an average of three 5-8/lb. fruits each. Mottled stripes of dark green cover a light background that turns orange as the fruits ripen, making them a striking decorative pumpkin – Jack-o-lantern and high-protein snack in one package.

Kakai was developed from an older variety, the Styrian hull-less seeded pumpkin. Kakai's texture is more tender and flavor more refined than its parent -- though in our limited experience Kakai has a greater tendency to sprout inside the pumpkin. Which can be a bonus if caught at an early stage, adding nutritional value to the seeds.

Our favorite way to preserve the seeds for later snacking is to toss them with soy sauce and dry them at 105 degrees, a temperature that keeps them a "live food."

Cucurbita pepo
Approx. 25 seeds per packet
Grown in Potter Valley, California
Certified Organic by CCOF
Open-pollinated, non-GMO

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I am very happy with the seeds, and can’t wait to plant them! I am disappointed though because I contacted the seller and asked when I could expect them and never got a response.

Refund my money, the seed does not germinate. The seed i bought from Walmart sprout out in 2 days. Cost only $1.49.. What a sorry deal with your aeed!

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