Humongous Sunflower

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Who is the largest sunflower of them all? It’s Humongous. In our 2018 large-headed sunflower trial, Humongous grew not only the biggest flower heads but the earliest, with the largest seeds. It was head and shoulders above the other varieties from the start, displaying seedling vigor and rapid growth that bordered on scary. Humongous will not disappoint.

Approx. 40 seeds per packet
Grown in Potter Valley, California
Certified Organic by CCOF
Open-pollinated, non-GMO

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Shipped within a decent time though not as fast as an order I placed on the same day as a different shop. My recommendation would be to package seeds in opaque packets (such as paper or foil) instead of clear plastic bags. It’s detrimental to seed storage and forces the customer to take an extra step if they don’t sow everything immediately. Finally, of my 15 or 16 seeds, 3 or 4 were broken/snapped and another 3 were very thin, of questionable viability.

Sprouted and in need of replanting in only five days! I can't wait to see how these grow over the summer!

Got them! Can't wait to plant this spring!

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