Artichoke, Italian Heirloom Mix


One of the most ornamental edibles, artichokes are tender perennials that can be grown as annuals where winters dip below 20 degrees. We grow a mixed stand of Violetto, Grosso Romanesco, and Romagna varieties, and select the best and earliest for seed.

The Italian heirlooms show much more variation in their growth habits than do American varieties. We like that - finely divided leaves, broad flat leaves, purple coloring, chokes rounded or pointy - we relish the full diversity of forms, and exclude from the gene pool only spindly or unproductive plants. All are delicious.

Germination hovers in the 60-70% range, with some seeds sprouting right away and others taking up to a month to emerge. Patience is helpful.

Approx. 30 seeds per packet
Grown in Potter Valley, California
Certified Organic by CCOF
Open-pollinated, non-GMO

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Seeds all sprouted. Plants are healthy.

Thank you for the seeds.

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