Organic Tiger's Eye Dry Bean


Delicious, beautiful, productive, and easy – this heirloom from Argentina has it all. Vigorous bush will vine a bit if it finds an opportunity. Plants are widely adapted to a range of climatic conditions. Amber beans streaked with maroon, along with an occasional maroon streaked with amber, have tender skins that practically disappear on cooking. Dry beans are easy to shell.

Phaseolus vulgaris
Approx. 50 seeds per packet
Grown in Potter Valley, California
Certified Organic by CCOF
Open-pollinated, non-GMO

Note on price: $7 per packet reflects the postage cost of around $4 per packet. If you would like to purchase more than one packet of Tiger's Eye, please message me to make individual arrangements, so that you won't be charged an excess of actual shipping costs. Thanks for your interest.

Reviews (3)


beautiful healthy bean seeds arrived quickly.

Seeds arrived quickly. I have some pre-germinating right now and am looking forward to a great crop! Thank you!!

Beans look good and all were in tact. Fast shipping as well. Looking forward to growing and harvesting these this summer!

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