Organic Nevada Lettuce


Shipping to United States: Free

A great addition to the
summer lettuce repertoire,
Nevada is extremely heat
tolerant. Its light chartreuse
green leaves stay crunchy and
mild even in hot weather.
Technically a Batavian
summer-crisp type, but its
large open-headed habit also
makes it ideal for leaf-by-leaf

Approx. 100 seeds per packet
Grown in Potter Valley, Mendocino County, California
Certified Organic by CCOF
Open-pollinated, non-GMO

Quality packaging, and spouted fast

Fast ship, seeds are sprouting!!

Germination rate has been OK so far (see pic) I’m reserving judgement on that for a few days or until my next succession planting. :) Nevada is a new variety for me, I’ll try a shallower planting depth next time. Looking strong and healthy so far! Shipping was a little slow, not the time that it took to get here, but the time it took between placing my order and shipping it was longer than other seed sellers on Etsy. These were shipped later than another packet of seeds I ordered (the same day on Etsy) arrived at my door and were put into my garden. I’ll have to plan better next year! Still, I would buy from this seller again!

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