Another fast year around the sun and here we are at that still point of the solstice, able finally to pause and take a breath of gratitude for the past season's abundance. Our year on the farm has been overflowingly full.  

     A slowly warming spring gave our seed crops a chance to get established before the heat, and the summer turned out to be mostly what we now call mild, with daytime temperatures in the low 100s and the usual 50-degree drop each night. The year held only one heatwave -- three days of 115 degrees -- and that came late enough in the summer that most crops had already successfully set their seed and were not harmed. And it was a blessed year without a major fire nearby.  

     We're busily cleaning the seed harvest now, and will add new varieties to our listings as they are ready, all through January and February. The riches are immense -- 50 new varieties, and 20 old favorites that have been out of stock. I'm eager to share the treasure. 

     We continue with our practice of selling only seed we grow here on our certified organic farm. These are all plants we know and love. Our commitment to the seeds is to help them disperse to new ground where they can thrive in your gardens and co-create, with you, a future of greater food security, abundance, and beauty. Thank you for making our work possible and for keeping your place in this open circle.